Transcript & Other Request Forms

Yukon Public Schools last day of school is Wednesday, May 22nd, 2024. 

Summer Hours will begin on June 3rd, 2024. During Summer Hours, the office is open Monday through Thursday from 7am to 3:30pm. The YHS office will be closed every Friday during Summer Hours.


Yukon High School will post Spring 2024 grades on June 11th 2024. 
Transcripts with Spring grades will be released after June 11th, 2024 for 9th through 11th grades ONLY.  
Final Transcripts showing Graduation Date for Class of 2024 Graduates will be released beginning June 20th, 2024. 

Your transcript will be emailed from [email protected]. Please check your Spam or Junk folders in your email for the transcript that will be attached as a pdf.


 - Transcripts-

NOTICE: Expect additional DELAYS between July 11th 2024 to August 6th 2024! Requests will be fulfilled within 10 business days. 
Thank you for your PATIENCE!

Click here
 to request your Yukon High School TRANSCRIPT directly from Yukon High School. 
This is a free service.
-->>Colleges will only accept transcripts emailed directly from the high school so make sure you select "Send to a college for admissions" and then enter the college name and their email address when you are filling out the request form.  If you know of a deadline please indicate that date in the request.

You may also order your transcript through Parchment
Parchment will charge you a fee to send your transcript unless you are a current Yukon High School student.

 -- Diplomas--

Class of 2024 - you can pick up your diploma in the YHS Main Office Mondays - Thursday 8am to 3pm through July 24th.  After July 24th, you will need to schedule an appointment for after Labor Day September 3rd.
If you did not pick up your diploma during the summer after graduation, then you will need to email:   [email protected] to schedule an appointment to pick up your diploma.  
Yukon Public Schools doesn't store a copy of your diploma.  Once it is picked up, you have the only diploma issued by Yukon High School. 

****************************************************************************--Education Verification Companies-
Education verification companies should use Parchment for their requests.  Or should email the request with signed release to [email protected]


-Withdrawal Process for Parents/Guardians-
1.  Email the YHS Registrar ([email protected]) to notify of the upcoming withdrawal of your student and schedule an appointment for withdrawal.
2.  Gather your student's YHS issued Chromebook and charger, library books, uniforms, band and/or choir items for return to Yukon High School during the withdrawal appointment.
2.  Please come to Yukon High School with your parent/guardian photo ID (driver's license, state ID, or passport) and the above mentioned items to the Attendance/Counseling Office of Yukon High School during your appointment time. 
--If you are no longer in the Yukon/OKC area, please email the YHS Registrar Marcy Mass at [email protected] to set up an alternate way to withdraw and return the YHS issued Chromebook.  
3.  Ideally, a parent can withdraw their student on their last day of attendance at YHS.  The student can be checked out at the end of the day to turn in their YHS Chromebook along with any other items they have checked out.  The parent signs the withdrawal form after the items are marked returned.  A copy of the withdrawal form and a transcript will be given to the parent at that time. 


-Districts requesting records (Districts Only ; NOT for parents/students)-

Please use Parchment's District to District Transfer Request by clicking on this link:  Parchment Transfer Request  
Email [email protected]


-Work Permit-

If you are at least 14 years old and meet the school attendance requirements as well as the requirements set forth by the Department of Labor, then you should call Yukon High School at 405-354-6692 to check to make sure the requirements have been met and then obtain the Form 600 (application for Work Permit) from Yukon High School. 
You can stop by Yukon High School during our
Regular Hours (during the school year August to May) which are Monday-Friday 7:30am to 3:45pm   OR
Summer Hours (June and July) which are Monday-Thursday 7:15am to 3pm


-Learner Permit/Driver License Info-

Current YHS students can obtain a letter showing your address for the Real ID, by emailing [email protected] from your school email address.   Please Visit
OK Dept of Public Safety Learner Permit Requirements for more information.  Enrollment verification and reading proficiency is NO LONGER needed for Learner Permits.