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If you need information on Yukon High School Enrollment for the 2019-2020 school year please click here to be redirected to the Enrollment page.

OSU - OKC President's Leadership 
Scholarship is now available in the counseling office.Or online at:   The President’s Leadership Scholarship at OSU-OKC recognizes outstanding students who have demonstrated talent and distinguished achievement in the areas of leadership, citizenship, service and communication. The scholarship is comprised of a full-tuition waiver for up to 15 credit hours each fall and spring semester, including fees and a $500 book stipend. Applications are due March 1, 2019. 


For upcoming UCO events & information please visit:



College fairs are happening and we wanted to make sure that students have the chance to sign up for a Barcode for the college fairs. 
These barcodes will make it easier for students talking with multiple colleges not have to worry about filling out a number of contact cards. (Plus we all know not all handwriting is legible.) provides students with a barcode that will allow them to get their contact information to us in a readable format.  Have students visit: choose a fair and sign up to attend and get a barcode. 

white water

White Water Bay will be here March 13th for all three lunches looking for students who are interested in a summer job.